Saturday, May 18, 2013

More Carinna Parr and me bitching about book length

I won't bitch much about book length.  But I ended another good short story, read the words "Thank you for taking the time to read my book" and the part of me that is destined to rule the universe declared that there will be a law against calling a short story a book.

That's bullshit of course.  A book is a bound set of pages with no minimum, so I was venting at nothing.  Mostly.  It's my own failing to equate book with novel, and I was never promised a novel.  I need to accept that this dark erotic fantasy genre that I crave is mostly filled with short stories.  I don't know if I'll be able to accept the pricing conventions.  It was only $1.99--seems so awesome, until you hit the end, want more, and go check out (again) the prices for other e-books. 

Because of my other recent reading habits, mainstream fantasy (epic and otherwise) was already keyed up on Amazon.  It's hard to accept $1.99 for 15 pages when I see scores of books coming in between 120 and 200+ pages for $2.99.  It's harder to check out the original author's next title and find it's 20 pages for $2.99.  Really?  Another buck for five wee pages?

What does this mean to you?  Fairly little...unless you happen to be a fabulous author of dark erotic fantasy short stories and would like to take this as encouragement to go novella (at least) length.  ::cough:: Carinna Parr ::cough::

Speaking of Carinna Parr's "The Wild Hunt", it's good stuff.  When a young woman refuses the advances of a (ancient-Celt-reminiscent) village priest, he names her to be a virgin sacrifice.  He has plans of his own that have nothing to do with pleasing the gods. 

Apparently, I'd downloaded the sample (which is a waste of time, giving more of the opening disclaimer than the first page) after reading the much adored "Nephilim", but I'd forgotten all about it.  The lack of any real sampling within the sample annoyed, but there was just enough to make me wonder what the story was about.  Bought it, read and enjoyed it, and only during my price rant/search realized the two stories were by the same talented writer. 

Also, I see that she's got several titles that are not supernatural, so if you like the darker side of erotica by aren't into the angels, ancient gods, or werewolves, you should still check her out.