Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Humiliated Elven Bride

...My annoyance is partly my fault.  The book description comes complete with Warning! This story contains 4,908 words including m/f sex, spanking, bestiality, double penetration, public humiliation, public sex, forced sex, and pseudo incest, and is for adults only!  Clearly, I saw "public sex" and "forced sex" and became completely blind to "4,908 words".  There are some pretty decent novellas and even indie novels out there for the price of this short story, so without those words, I wouldn't have coughed up those few measly dollars. 

But it isn't the shortness of the tale that has me giving a less than stellar review for Humiliated Elven Bride by Jane Amber.  It's rather the way the story made me feel cheap and used, and NOT in a sexy dirty secret way.  The plot is pretty much all in the title and warning, which is fine.  The slip in tense, the repetition of information that the reader pretty much already got, and the textual glitches were less fine.  And the appearance of a dead character--no, not a ghost, just carelessness. 

I'll admit that bestiality isn't my kink, yet it can fit in well within a story about humiliation.  And when purposely reading offensive material, I take no offense.  But I spent more time thinking at the author (hey, it's not like she'd have heard me if I said it aloud) about the ways in which what she wrote was physically impossible than reading it. 

All that put together made me feel, not so much like I'd read a story that I didn't care for, but like I'd read a story that the author didn't care for...Like she'd found a niche where suckers would give her $2.99 a pop because there just isn't that much material to suit what they're looking for.

I don't recommend this title.  I sort of wish that I could take away the one star it was given by the brave soul who attached his screen name to the Amazon review.